welcome to your diving experience in pemba island


NOTE WELL: Swahili Divers and Gecko Nature Lodge will be closed from 16th April, 2019 until 25th May, 2019

We ARE now the only raid instructor training center north of south africa, AND THE ONLY ONE WITH NITROX, please contact us for all professional training courses and internship. 

Pemba has the most spectacularly healthy reefs in East Africa , and has one of the top prolific reef systems in the world. As Gavin Goodhart , Director Of Ambrosia Television (UK) recently said. "I would say that Misali Island and the north of Pemba are easily one of the healthiest 30 reefs in the world." When we first heard this, we were disappointed that we were not in the top five... but then it’s just an opinion.

We have coral covered walls, coral strewn reef slopes, and enormous, healthy bommies and fans that are surrounded by reef fish. Our local fishing community is generally and happily inept. This means that we see schools of chevron barracuda, yellow fin tuna, Jacks and snapper. Giant groupers sit territorially on our reefs and most sites have a resident Maori wrasse.

Our dive sites are simply stunning. Ribbon eels, fire dartfish and leaf-fish can be found on many of our reefs. Our Nudibranch are a specialty. We see a large variety on every dive, and we often see the famous 30cm Spanish dancer!


Swahili Divers is the only RAID Diving Instructor Training Facility in east africa offering the full range of recreational technical and specialty diving courses. we are the only facility on the island to offer side mount certification, deep 40, and deco 40. nitrox EAN32 is available now, and we are the ONLY dive center on Pemba to offer it. we only use state of the art diving equipment regularly serviced and maintained by our in house specialists.  

Pemba is the perfect place to learn to dive safely, increase your skill level and learn new specialties. 



Accommodation in a standard room including breakfast (B&B) a day, per night             

US$ 55.00 pp

Accommodation in a deluxe room including breakfast (B&B) a day per night (with hot water and AC)

US$ 85.00 pp

Accommodation in a Bunk bed (dormitory with 6 beds) including breakfast (B&B) per night             US$ 35.00 pp

Restaurant and bar available.

*Intermittent wifi is available most of the time

NB: Prices do not include hotel levy tax @$1pp per night


Two Tank Dive                                                                                   US$170 (NOT including equipment hire, this is extra)

Three morning dives                                                                          US$240 (not including equipment hire)

Three day dive pack (6 morning dives)                                               US$450  (not including equipment hire)

Five day dive pack (10 morning dives)                                                US$650  (not including equipment hire)

Extra dive  over normal package                                                        $70 (not including equipment hire)

Resort dive (Try dive/Discover the Ocean dive) with training               US$200

Refresher dive pre booked and prepaid:                                             US$150

*All divers are required to have a dive computer (Included in equipment hire)

NB: Prices do not include Marine Park fees




our equipment


Swahili Divers uses only the best and most rugged AQUALUNG Equipment, APEX Specialty Equipment and LUXFER Cylinders. Aqualung and APEX make some of the finest dive equipment in the world. We our strong associations with manufacturers we can supply all your needs at very competitive pricing.



Most divers prefer to use equipment they are familiar with that fit them comfortably.

However we realize that for many reasons this cannot always be possible or practical, we therefore maintain a full line of reliable equipment in various sizes to fit any of your needs. Do not worry about excess luggage, or the risk of loss and damage, just enjoy your time with us. We provide a complete line of regularly serviced equipment ranging from mask and fins, all the way to dive computers and underwater cameras and lights. Please contact us for equipment hire rates.